Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Bought some good insoles

Iv had plantar fasciits before and I dont want to get it again and it makes me scared to actually run because every time I get a bit of tightness in my arches I eel I have to stop otherwise I might get it again... but just bought some really fantastic arch support insoles today, I say fantastic because honestly they are. The help correct and slow down the pronation in my feet. What that means is pronation that is important and shift weight and stabilize your foot when you walk slows down this lessens the effects and stresses walking has on my arches helping me to avoid plantar fasciitis. Great news! I got the insoles made form gel too... the gel is meant to soothe my feet and is doing a brilliant job at the moment. I didn't go for custom soles because I have heard they aren't as good as as everyone makes out... and I couldn't be happier with my £10 ones! I got to really thank fasciitis man really for telling me to buy them.

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