Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Suffering pretty badly at the moment, got a terribly aching back and will probably need to go see a doctor as I might slipped a disc.. why have I been doing some heavy lifting doing maul labor? Ha no but been working just as hard on the computer trying to make a living... trying to survive but just been making peanuts really its so bad I dont know how I am going to continue like this. Been doing seo to try and get my small site ranking but that the thing google are so evil it is again there dumb rules to even try to "manipulate" the search results..... but perfectly okay for big company's like "Scholl" to go buy links on websites not even related to insoles or anything like that.. I reported them but yep there still there.. and there me barely making in money at all. The internet is a capitalists dream.. the rich band together helping out one another and all those who try to promote there own small buisness are called spammers... they have even brainwashed morons into calling people that if you post a helpful link on forums too.. I HATE THE INTERNET AND ITS WRECKING MY HEALTH AND FOR WHAT!!!!!!

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